About Anna

Anna K Payne, author of Planted Flowers and Devotionals

Anna spends her time staring into a computer screen, whether working, writing, or editing. That is why it is so fun to hang out with her grandson, children or walk outside. But burning easily makes it difficult to spend too much time outdoors.

Anna does web consulting, working mainly for Nature’s Select, which delivers dog food! She also carves out time to write and to learn the writing craft. She comes from a family of writers; her mom, her grandmother, and several other family members are engaged in the art of writing.

Anna cares about hope, love, encouragement, listening, parenting, individuality, and God’s grace. She looks for ways to inspire hope and listen to hurting women.

What’s the feeling you’re hiding from the world?

Anna likes to study the art of writing, learn to edit her work and explore creating an author platform. When she isn’t at the computer writing or editing, she discusses plots with any one of her children. She has been discovered asking the advice of her cats. “They have good ideas,” she says. The world around her offers a variety of sinister plots, even if it is just someone waiting for the bus.